National Area Qualifiers
  • Indoor Novice Show Jumping 2’ 6”
  • Festival of the Hunter (Hunter Trials & Showing Classes)
  • Show Jumping Novice 2’ 6”, Intermediate 3’ 0” and Open 3’ 3” & Jumping with Style 2’ 9”
  • Dressage, Riding Test, Medium Dressage, Pairs Dressage, Rural Riders (Team of 6 riders in the arena)
  • Dressage to Music
  • Winter Indoor Dressage
  • 80cm Horse Trials (approx 2’ 7”)
  • Novice Horse Trials 2’ 9” – 3’ 0”
  • Intermediate Horse Trials 3’ 3”
  • Open Horse Trials 3’ 3” – 3’ 6”
  • Quadrille in costume
  • Windsor Horse Show Dressage & Show Jumping qualifiers
London & South East Qualifiers
  • Dressage
  • Riding Test
  • Show Jumping 2’ 9” – 3’ 0”
  • Horse Trials 2’ 9” – 3’ 0”
(Inter-Riding Club) Area Liaison Trophy Competition
  • Dressage - Prelim Test
  • Show Jumping 2’ 3” – 2’ 6”
  • Cross Country 2’ 3” – 2’ 6”
  • Roads & Tracks


♦ You must be a fully paid up member of Bicester Riding Club.

♦ You should support the club by helping at events and also by attending the clinics. Team Managers take this into consideration when choosing the teams!

♦ Once you have elected to ride for a specific Riding Club, you may not change to another Club’s Team during the current year.

♦ Your horse/pony must be fully vaccinated against flu and tetanus and this and the animal’s passport must be absolutely accurate from the first injection. If there is an error at some point, you will have to begin the course again to comply with the Rules of British Riding Clubs. (You can check your own Vacc Cert by visiting the British Riding Club’s website here they have an on-line date checker)

♦ There may be some limitations on horse and/or rider in some Qualifiers so please check with the Team Managers that you are not over qualified or your horse does not have too many points or monetary winnings etc.

♦ If you are chosen to become a Team Member, please make sure you have all the details of the competition; venue, dates and times, dress requirements and tack allowed etc and have a commitment to compete.

♦ All members who ride for Bicester RC are presented with a handsome keeper trophy at the end of the year (at our AGM) to show our appreciation for your time and efforts on behalf of the Club.


First of all, please contact our Chairman, Kellie Aldridge , about becoming a Member if you are not one already.

Then please contact our Team Managers and let them know you wish to be considered for a Team place. They cannot know everyone’s horse or standard and giving them a call will help them to formulate their team planning.

Teams entries have to be registered with a prelim entry to the British riding clubs office 3 weeks before the closing date of the event; therefore we need your commitment often 4 to 5 weeks before the event takes place.

Details on all point limitations, tack summary and vaccination rules can be found on the BHS website

Click here for the British Riding Club Rules

The rules are revised on an annual basis and come into effect from 1 January every year. The Rulebook contains all the information you need to know to compete in official Riding Club competitions, including what you and your horse are allowed to wear, eligibility criteria and rules for all the different championships.

Team Managers:

Show Jumping & Eventing Team Manager: Emma Turner - teams@bicesterridingclub.org.uk

All Dressage Qualifiers Team Manager: Diane Hilsdon - teams@bicesterridingclub.org.uk